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Lady Incendia [Koga]

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Current Timeline

* Unknown | Birth of Koga [Naos III].

* Unknown | Kills her father.

* Unknown | Forced into slavery

* 3,910 BBY | Joins Jedi Council

* 3,915 BBY | Knighted as a Jedi

* 3,921 BBY | Knights First Padawan

* 3,922 BBY | Falls to the Darkside

* 3,924 BBY | The Chosen

* 3,925 BBY | Weds Maddock Nadun

* 3,926 BBY | Has her first child

* 3,928 BBY | Begins Pillar Training

* 3,930 BBY | Becomes a Dread Lord

* 3,931 BBY | Starts Jar'Kai training.

* 3,933 BBY | Finds Vong Amphistaff
* 3,936 BBY | Studies Vong Culture.

* 3,937 BBY | 1st organic implant

* 3,938 BBY | Uses Amphistaff

* 3,950 BBY | Completes Training

* 3,951 BBY | Becomes a Dark Lord

What Have I Done?

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- Fear RP
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- Combat Styles
- Exotic Weapons 

Personal Training
- Cameron Centurion
- Darth Grimm
- Katarine Ryiah
- Ronin Wendigo
- Garith Darkhold SR

Force | Alchemy:
- Darth Cazador
- Reyven Samoth
- Santeria Decuir

Sith Philosophy:
- Cameron Centurion
- Reyven Samoth
- Quietus

Jedi Philosophy:
- Kaen
- Katarine Ryiah














            For Others            















         From Others          

-Judas Escariot



-Aleta Draclau


Important Things to Know

~ Profile ~
Name : Koga
: Female
Age : 28 (Physical Appearance)
| Unknown (Chronological) 
Species : Lethan Twi'Lek
Height : 6'3''
Weight : 150 pounds
Eyes : Yellow/Orange
Affiliation : Sith
Rank : Master
Homeworld : Naos III   
Current Home Planet : Rhen Var
~ Achievements ~
Acts of Interest :
- Death Maze
- Fear Trials
- Kashi Training
- Dread Lord Training
- Horseman of Death
- Govenor of Rhen Var 
- Training In All Sith Pillars
- Dark Lord of the Sith Council
- Served as High Knight on the Dark Council
- Specializes in:
  Exotic Weaponry | Sith Alchemy | Genetic Splicing
| Necromancy | Sith Philosophy

Personality :
* Extremely Emotional
* Sadistic
* Schizophrenic Tendencies

Trophies :

* Kaz Valnor's hand

Sith Tattoo's

Description : Each separate marking represents her devotion and loyalty to both the Sith Council and the advancement of the Sith Empire. Upon completion of a task ordered by her the Council, Koga receives a new marking.
Location : All over body

Description : Formerly known as the symbol for the Dark Sith Order, Koga was appointed the tattoo by the hands of Lord Ashmedai and Master Quietus and awarded a seat on the Dark Council as a High Knight.
Location : The back of her left shoulder
Description : The Symbol selected for the High Priestess in the Chosen faith. It represents the balance between faith and devotion to advancement of the Sith Council.
Location : Inner right wrist
Description : A symbol representing the completion Jar'Kai and the initiation as a Kashi Warrior. The circle in the tattoo symbolizes the training circle each Jar'Kai initiate goes through, and the expanding sides representing the twin blades the warriors wield.
Location : Inner left wrist
Description : A symbol representing the completion Truth Pillar training.  
Location : Inner left wrist
DescriptionA symbol representing the completion Knowledge Pillar training.
Location : Lower back
DescriptionA symbol representing the completion Strength Pillar training.
Location : Base of neck
Description :
Location : Right abdomen

Items Catalog

~ Artifacts ~

* Darkstaff

        A powerful, sentient Sith artifact that was one of the most dangerous and unpredictable objects in the galaxy. A black-colored rod that was one meter in length and four centimeters in diameter, the staff was created to feed off the Force, but was not itself a Force-imbued object. All light that passed near the artifact was consumed by the Darkstaff, which was able to produce black, smoky tendrils that allowed it to suck the Force essences out of living individuals and to drain energy from Force artifacts. It was able to possess the minds of individuals, which allowed it to use people as vessels through which it could communicate, speaking with a dark, rough-sounding voice. It could control non-sentient creatures, although animals could be released from the Darkstaff's influence by an application of the power Force Light. Furthermore, the staff had the ability to transform creatures into Sithspawn, dark side–influenced mutants, and could be used to animate corpses, to create dark side–using zombies. Cadavers that were exposed to the Darkstaff for extended periods of time were sometimes mutated by the staff's power in a manner that caused them to be strengthened, rather than weakened, when attacked with energy-based weapons.

* Force Disperser

        A Force Disperser was an advanced Sith device that helped conceal a Sith's presence in The Force.

* Obelisk
        Obelisk were ancient Sith artifacts, dating back to c. 14,000 BBY used as the gateway for accessing a Sith library-temple.

* Sith Fear Amulet Necklace

        A Sith amulet, sometimes known as a Sith talisman, was a powerful Sith artifact used to amplify the effects of Sith magic. These "baubles" were used by Sith Lords to channel immense dark side power.

~ Self Holocrons ~

* Dark Holocron

~ Holocrons of Knowledge ~

* Book I : Sith Philosophy
* Book II : Prophesy of the Darkside
* Book III : Thanatology

~ Religious Documents ~

* Sith Scroll
        The ancient Sith writings of Sith Spawn, scribed by the very hand of a Dark Lord of the Sith.

* Sith Spellbook
        A Transcript that contains spells, rituals, and incantations necessary for conjuring Sith magic.

~ Weapons ~

* Lightsaber No.1
    Type : Double Bladed
    Color : Black
    Specs : Can detach to create two single bladed black sabers.

* Lightwhip
   Color : Yellow
   Unique Features :

Exotic Weapons
* Amphistaff
  Features : 3 meters long, this staff  is durable and a cunning predator. Power glands in the serpent's body could emit electrical impulses that reorganized the creature's semicrystalline cell structure. This field extended a millimeter from the amphistaff's body and created razor-thin edges capable of slashing through prey. An amphistaff that is captured as it left its polyp is bound together with it's capture and the amphistaff would loyally serve its new master in battle. Hand motions from the warrior coaxed the amphistaff to either harden or become pliable like a whip. Not even a lightsaber could cut through it.

Implants | Prosthetic | Organics :
Cortosis Skin Graft : Makes one more resilient to lightsaber burns
  • Tongue : To make major organs more resilient to lightsaber burns.



*Cameron Centurion (Sith Master | Pillar of Strength)
    - Trained in: Combat | Sith Philosophy
*Darth Cazador (Sith Master)
    - Trained in: Sith Alchemy
*Garith Darkhold SR. (Sith Master)
    - Trained in: Combat
*Katarine Ryiah (Jedi Grand Master)
    - Trained in: Knighted as a Jedi
*Kaen (Jedi Master)
    - Trained in: Jedi Combat | Jedi Philosophy
*Reyven Samoth (Sith Master | Pillar of Truth)
    - Trained in: Sith Religion | Force Fear
*Ronin Wendigo (Sith Master)
    - Trained in: Combat | Jar'Kai Form
*Santeria Decuir (Witch Nightmother)
    - Trained in: Alchemy | Zombie Creation
*Quietus (Sith Master | Pillar of Knowledge)
    - Trained in: Sith Politics

Current Apprentices :

Knighted : | Alaric Haidar (Knight) | Atin Kandossii | Darth Yamato (Knight) | Daro Blaize | Emmika | Maddock Nadun | Sirada | Talia Krass

Inactive : | Akio Kahoshi | Darth Cicatrix | Darth Geist | Darth Geist | Darius Meracio | Daxium Ryiah | Drake Zy | Helmut Todstern | Lenne Fayth | Luto | Mark Reigns | Matrim Al Tair | Raydek Falsuun | Sirak Pyne | Spartacus | Srika Kiren | Tabitha Zy | Talon White

Koga was put through Jedi training after the Jedi rescued her from slavory. Koga advanced through Knighthood by the Trial of Courage at the hands of Grandmaster Katarine Ryiah, becoming specialized as an Exotic Weapons Specialist. Her Knighthood came at a cost, however; in the cave on Degobah, Koga faced her worst fear. The Jedi had hoped that she would face the murderous acts of her past, but instead she faced herself at a Sith Master.

Koga spent much time seeking training for the Force. She sought guidance for her ongoing struggle with her emotions and viewing the Force as a weapon. Understanding that the Force was in everything and after death everything in turn became the Force, Koga could not shake the feeling that this power was more of a weapon to be utilized than guidance tool. Even the Jedi honed the ability and used it during battle; Koga could not seem to grasp the difference. She began reading about the Jedi, Sith, and Witches in the Temple library where she learned about their use of the Force and interpretation of it's ability.

Taking her questions to the Jedi Council, she was met with no answers but instead with directions to ignore her questions and embrace the path of light before her. Needless to say, she continued to struggle with emotional control and began her long journey of introspection and what the Jedi stood for.

Her first Padawan

Koga’s first padawan was a young Frozian by the name of Emmika. Emmika being one of the last of her kind, Koga spent many years instructing and perfecting her padawan’s view of the Force and skills. By taking her on mission to moons around Endor, Emmika was able to see her master’s experience at battling the Sith Knight known as Hawk Milan Hawk . Advancing her padawan through all of the Trials of Knighthood, Koga knighted Emmika before taking on later padawans, Talia Kyras and Darius Meracio.

Helping a friend build new huts on Endor, Koga sought out help of her padawans, Emmika and Talia Kyras. It was here that Milan Hawk attacked, burning the village and it's inhabitants to the ground. Attempting to help aid her friends, Koga watched as a pack of Korrina killed her dear friend Muushi. Flaring with hatred and detest for what the Sith had done, Koga was finally pulled into the darkness by the actions of Sith Master Judas Xavior Escariot. Choosing to save her friends lives, Koga agreed to swear legions to the Sith Master to protect them from certain death.

Feeling alone and misguided, Koga decided to spend her time finding and hunting down the Master that caused her to fall from her path of light. Along the way she heard of a man named Kaz Valnor who could alter beasts through the Force. Interested in obtaining that power, she set off on a side quest to find this Knight and discover his secrets. But once she found him, she was unable to harm him. Something inside of her mind switched on and for the first time in her life, she decided to give the darkness a try. Agreeing to join Kaz's worthy cause, Koga because the first High Priestess to the Chosen (a Sith religion dedicated in finding worthy followers and converting them to the dark religion to fight for the church's army). She was appointed the task of collecting individuals she deemed worthy of becoming the Chosen ones and killing the rest.

Because of her knew found Goddess delusion, she began drugging various beings in the night and creating Death Mazes and fear trials to test the worthiness of the competitors involved. She even managed to make a Sith Master pull two teeth from his wife only to cut her up and find the key to their freedom hidden deep inside of her. But her experiment took a wrong turn when Lord Ashmedai, leader of the Pillar of Strength, channeled all of his dark energy to bring the building down in a furry. She barely escaped with her life.

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